Elizabeth Gabay MW, Ben Bernheim, Julia Scavo, Bruno Scavo

Catalan rosé sparklings tasted by Elizabeth Gabay MW

The renowned British rosé wine expert, Elizabeth Gabay Master of Wine tasted 18 rosé sparkling wines from Penedès wine region, Catalonia. The wines were collected and shipped by SparklingSpain.com. Read the full report and the reviews of the top rosé sparklings on Pink.wine. Though the title mentions Cava, the experts tasted Corpinnat and Conca del Riu Anoia wines as well.

Elizabeth Gabay MW rosé expert tasted together with Ben Bernheim wine expert, Julia Scavo (3rd best sommelier of Europe and Africa 2017) and Bruno Scavo (Monaco sommelier champion). As the MW commented, several of the wines were unfortunately faulty, these are not published in the report (but we will send the comments to the producers). Elizabeth also emphasized the importance of dark bottles to protect the delicate rosé wines from strong light: “Lightstrike is a problem in as many as a quarter of the Cavas we have tasted, leaving us with at least one simple recommendation: do not buy rosé Cava unless it is in a dark bottle…” As for the colour the Provence based Master of Wine wrote: “There is no standardised ‘Cava pink’, and as with Champagne, colours range from pale shell to dark ruby, almost light reds. Colour has no indication on quality (there are good and bad pale wines, and good and bad dark wines), seemingly very little on aromatic intensity, but is more telling on structure: expect slightly riper acidity and tannic structure from the darkest wines. Unlike pink Prosecco, sugar is mostly absent – and once again, has no relationship with colour.”

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Elizabeth Gabay MW tastink rosé sparkling wines from Catalonia