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Are you good at blind tasting? Win 30 000 euros!

Tasting contest in pairs in Barcelona

Vila Viniteca import company organizes the 16th edition of the blind tasting contest in Barcelona on 3 March 2024. If you are good at blind tasting and you have a fellow taster, enter the contest and win as many as 30 000 euros!

Worth for the wines

Entry fee for each couple is 200 euros, which is worth even if you do not make it to the final round, since the wines poured will worth the entry fee of 100 euros / person. There will be two rounds, a preliminary and a final round with 7 wines in each round. Check this video, you can see some great labels like Cos d’Estournel from Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux.

Ready, steady, enter!

The contest is one of the most exciting tastings, no wonder the limited number of seats are sold out quicker than a wink. Entry period starts at 10 am on the 10th of January. Keep your ID or passport and your credit card ready, speed will count.

Strict and difficult

Needless to say, participants cannot use any aid – no phones, tablets or books are allowed and contestants cannot leave the contest hall. They can only discuss between each other and have to come to an agreement regarding each wine. They have to answer the following questions about each sample:

1) Country of origin (1 point).
2) Wine region/area (1 point).
3) Specific Appellation of Origin (2 points).
4) Grape variety/ies (3 points).
5) Vintage (3 points).
6) Winery/Producer (3 points).
7) Brand name (2 points).
8) Tasting notes: To be considered only to break any tie.

Money and more

The best 10 pairs will make it to the final round, and the three pairs achiving the final scores will receive the prizes of 5000, 7000 or 30 000 euros. The best 10 contestants will also receive valuable wines and Riedel glasses.

More information
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Tasting contest for pairs in Barcelona on 3 March 2024