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Gramona is the most successful at the “Oscar” of sparkling wines

3 gold medals at the 10th Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships

The world cup founded by top sparkling expert Tom Stevenson is undoubtedly the most important challenge for sparkling wine producers. The results have just been announced, and Gramona has collected 3 gold medals – with this result Gramona is the most successful of the 11 participating Spanish wineries.

At the 2023 edition of the contest a total of 170 gold and 218 silver Medals were awarded. Wines entered from 19 countries including Brazil, Canada and Japan. The most represented country is certainly France with Champagne, but Italy again collected a huge number of medals.

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Drink Gramona, drink the stars

Some wineries enter the top products, the flagship wines at this contest, however Gramona did not send the super long aged Enoteca (180 months on the lees), they sent Imperial 2017, the “basic” sparkling wine (with “only” 50 months on the lees) in normal and magnum format. It is great feedback for the thousands of fans of Gramona Imperial. The third wine is Celler Battle 2013, a wine aged for 110 months.

Gramona sparkling wines are not called cava any longer since the estate left Cava DO in 2017 and founded CORPINNAT brand with five other estates. Now Corpinnat has 11 members, they all pick grapes by hand, are all organic grape growers, they process their own grapes on their own premises and they focus on indigenous grape varieties. Gramona is a Demeter certified biodynamic winery.

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Visit Gramona, indulge in history

Gramona has a historic cellar in the centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (near Barcelona) and a more modern winery outside the town. Both of them are open for visitors, who can get inside of the making of biodynamic preparations, they can see the animals living on the estate and certainly they can wander around in the underground labyrinth of the old cellar.

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