Tribute to Xavier Gramona at llopart Corpinnat Harvest Night event

Harvest feast with bubbles and tears

Corpinnat event at Llopart in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Penedés, Catalonia)

The 2nd edition of ‘Nit de Verema’ (Harvest Night) event was held last Thursday, this time the historic Llopart estate hosted the tasting with more than 150 participants. Guests could taste the sparkling wines of all Corpinnat estates thus there was no shortage of bubbles or ‘bombollas’, as the Catalans say. The evening also served as a tribute to Xavier Gramona, co-owner of Gramona estate, who deceased in August and his sudden death is inconceivable for the community.

“A soul linked to the land and agriculture and, at the same time, rebel and spiritual“. This is how Corpinnat described Xavier Gramona at the event, when it awarded him the distinction of Honorary President posthumously.

Xavier Gramona’s rebel soul contributed to the birth of Corpinnat brand in 2017, a European registered brand with probably the strictest rules in the world. (Among others Corpinnat wineries must cultivate their vineyards in organic way, harvest manually, process their own grapes, focus on local varieties and age the sparkling wines on the lees for a minimum of 18 months.) Xavier Gramona was the president of Corpinnat until his fatal accident at the cellar. Since then, Ton Mata of Recaredo holds the president title at Corpinnat.
Xavier Gramona was active everywhere – we met him several times at the historic cellar in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. His smile never faded…
Wine Searcher’s Farewell to Spain’s Sparkling Pioneer

Ton Mata president handles the artwork of local artist María José Torres to Leonard Gramona, Xavier Gramona’s son. The ceramics represents the double soul of Xavier Gramona: the down to earth one which linked him to agriculture, and the spiritual one.

Corpinnat members at llopart Harvest Night in September 2023

Corpinnat estate representatives at Harvest Night event at Llopart