Top 10 Michelin starred restaurants in 2023 December

Spain is the 5th ‘starriest’ country in the Michelin sky

This position is not new, in fact all the countries in the Top 10 ‘league’ preserved their place on the chart from last year. Therefore, even though the yesterday’s announcement of the new Spanish Michelin stars claims significant increase in the number of Spanish stars, it seems to be a tendency all over the world.

“With Disfrutar (Barcelona) and Noor (Córdoba), Spain has achieved a historical zenith by reaching 15 establishments awarded Three MICHELIN Stars. There is 1 new Two MICHELIN Star restaurant and 31 new restaurants that have been awarded One MICHELIN Star, which brings the number of establishments in Spain that have been awarded Stars to a total of 271. 12 new restaurants have also been awarded the MICHELIN Green Star.” – hence goes the latest article on

Disfrutar, one of the newly 3 starred restaurants–and it does not take connoisseurs by surprise, since Disfrutar has already reached an extremely high spot on the prestigious list of the British Restaurant magazine: in June this year Disfrutar has taken the 2nd place on the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World. Since the first is Central in Lima, we can also say that Disfrutar is the best restaurant in Europe. (The British Restaurant magazine launched this list in 2002, it was the first initiative “including the entire restaurant industry, in all its global diversity, in a single ranking system”. At the moment they work with a panel of 1080 culinary experts worldwide.)

The top 10 countries with the most Michelin stars by the number of stars

Disfrutar – trendy in every way

To have lunch at Disfrutar is what it the name suggests: disfrutar (‘enjoy’) life in every single detail. The plates are astonishing, playful, make you smile, make you say OMG. Currently they offer several menus, there is even one with low alcohol wine pairings. As the promise, the wines are “processed by hand and naturally, so that the same characteristics are preserved”. The “house sparkling wine” is made by Gramona, one of the leading Corpinnat wineries in Penedés.
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If you visit Disfrutar, it is worth taking a short trip the next day to Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the sparkling capital of Spain within easy reach of Barcelona.
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Disfrutar 3 Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona