In Spain, in Catalunya, near Barcelona, in Penedés wine region, in the town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia


All year (except for August), pre-booking is needed.


Short trips (3-5 days) in Penedés wine region, one day winery visits combined with tastings and meals, longer trips to farther wine regions, corporate tours – whatever you need.


Because we are passionate about this region and we have a deep knowledge of the sparkling wines, good relationship with the wineries and experience in tour and event organizing.


We like adjusting every tour to the client’s needs. Write to us, give a few hints about your wishes and plans, and we will create a tailor made sparkling tour for you. Sparks will fly, guaranteed!


We will explain it right here, below.

Team and contributors

The "engine"

Sparkling Spain website and tour company is run by Ágnes Németh, a renowned, award winning wine expert, wine writer, magazine editor and speaker. She is from Hungary, but she has lived in the centre of Spanish sparkling wine production for several years. She travels constantly to keep her knowledge updated and a regular judge at international wine competitions from China to Italy, from Romania to Luxembourg. She is passionate to show the guests this somewhat undiscovered gem, Penedés wine region with the small town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, a place probably with the highest density of sparkling wine estates in the world! (80 official wineries with a population of 17.000 people).


– Pro Turismo Award, 2015 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary

– Millesima Blog Award 2017 – winner, Wine Travel category, France

– Wine Writer of the Year 2021 – Hungariar Sommelier Association

– Wine Influencer of the Year 2022 – nominee, Wine Travel Award international

The "every language" girl

Anna Angelika Horváth is part of the family and part of the team. She has grown up in a family of wine experts, thus in spite of her young age she is a keen wine connoisseur. But her special ability is her multi-language brain. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and Hungarian, plus she speaks French and Italian (currently, but if we have to updtate this website, probably it will be her list of spoken languages). She is a student of UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

The lady of the wheels

Erika Németh loves driving and loves sparkling wines, thus when a group needs a larger car (like one for 9 people) she is ready to take the thirsty group wherever needed. When she is not driving around Barcelona, she is the tasting coordinator of a wine magazine called VinCE and she works in a wine shop called Vino Castillo selling Spanish wines in Hungary.

The young gourmet

Emma Katalin Dobos is under age for wine, yet she has visited more vineyards and cellars than most advanced winelovers. As a photographer she is a promising beginner, however as for her skills when it comes to make a review about a restaurant – well, she has eyes and taste buds for every single detail. On top of that she is our most experienced tour guide regarding Simon Cóll chocolate manufacture in our street.

The olive lady

Dalma Király is a Hungarian lady from Transylvania, though she has lived most of her life in Penedés. She is a cava expert with experience of wine tourism, she worked for Cava Agusti Torello Mata for years and currently she has been a member of Llopart winery. Her love project is called Oval, an olive oil brand of outstanding quality, managed with her partner, Andreu. https://www.instagram.com/oval_evoo/

The creative mind

Nóra Kocsis-Barna is the designer of our logo. Certainly she had some time with us to get inspiration – deep immersion in Spanish sparkling wines on the spot. This is how she commented the birth of the idea: "The topic of the logo was inspired by the little metal cap, the so called shield on top of each sparkling wine bottle. I have seen so many different ones when I visited Penedés! Regarding the colour and the tone I aimed to reflect the cheerful way of life of the locals, which might sound lighthearted and careless, but in fact it goes hand in hand with impeccable quality and professional attitude in the production of sparkling wines. This is Sparkling Spain for me."

The deep sea guy

Gergely Borbély is another Hungarian living in Catalunya. He is obsessed by the sea and its beauty, just like his girlfriend, Mariona, with whom they created ElixSea project: wines ageing in the sea. We have had the chance to taste the "earth aged" wines along with the sea aged brothers, and the session took place on board of a century old yacht. Sailing the waves, enjoying raw sea urchins fished that morning and having a glass of this rarity wine in hand – simply unforgettable. Our guests agreed. https://www.winesunderwater.com/en/

The ruthless hike guy

When you think you cannot make another step, cannot proceed a single feet upwards, he can make you do it. András Balázs Horváth is a reckless hiker, he has climbed hills and mountains in many countries from Montenegro to Malta, from Georgia to Cyprus. Since he is a member of the family, his wine knowledge is well based and constantly refreshed. If you are a devoted hiker, contact us well in advance to arrange an unforgettable tour. He is a student at Corvinus University Budapest on the department of political sciences.

The conqueror of the Internet

Márk Bognár has developed our website and he is charge of updating. A devoted "tech" guy, who believes in his own development on the contrary of ready made templates. What a surprise: he is a passionate lover of Spanish sparkling wine, what is more, he has a tattoo on his arm, a phylloxera bug – the symbol of our town, Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.



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