Some pioneers prefer to walk off the beaten path. They make hard decisions, often with not much support from their peers, yet these revolutionary figures make the world move forward. It is a must to visit one of them (or some other revolutionary sparkling houses not listed here). However, we suggest these winery visits to wine experts or experienced wine connoisseurs. Beginners should start somewhere else. 

– Please, note that the wineries below are featured to give inspiration. Your sparkling tour can include one of these, or all, or others mentioned under other sparkling tours, or any winery to your liking. 

– Winery visits are somewhere between 20 and 70 euros. 

– We are happy to organize an airport-sparklingheaven-airport tour (so you can relax and enjoy, we take care of hotel, transfer, meals and programmes), but if you prefer more freedom, we will give you exactly what you need. 

– Our team is small, hence in case of a 2-5 day tour prior booking is highly advised. For a one day programme we are quite likely to help you even if it is short notice. 

– Contact us ( and we will quickly draft your tailor made sparkling tour. 

Raventos i Blanc

Though Josep Raventos created the very first cava in 1872, his descendants left the Cava DO, they did not find the rules of cava making strict enough. Raventos i Blanc sparkling wines are among the finest sparklings of the world with countless international acknowledgements. Organic and biodynamic farming, only indigenous grapes and long ageing, but most of all: passion.


The founder of Raventos was a professional football player, who saved all his income to start his own sparkling company. He was the first to make zero sugar sparkling wine made of only local grapes. Recaredo was also pioneer in creating the first single vineyard, monovarietal sparkling wine made of the local Xarello grape. The winery visit is unforgettable in the centre of the town, in the underneath “temple” of incredible sparkling wines. Organic, biodynamic, corpinnat.


A small sparkling wine house with great passion. The sons follow the deceased father’s path, but this path is quite unique now: no machinery is used at all during the process. They move and shake the bottles by hand every morning and disgorge every single bottle (about 120 000) by hand. Distinct flavours, amazing personality, incredible freshness.

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