You don’t have any vague idea what the difference is between charmat method and traditional method sparkling wines? Not to speak about cava and corpinnat? Don’t worry, we will take you to places where all the mystic terms are revealed and you will soon become a knowledgeable expert. If you feel like, you can even try to take a test at the end of the tour. If you pass, you will receive a certificate signed and stamped by Sparkling Spain team.  Enjoy one of the most delicious courses on earth! 

– Please, note that the wineries below are featured to give inspiration. Your sparkling tour can include one of these, or all, or others mentioned under other sparkling tours, or any winery to your liking. 

– Winery visits are somewhere between 20 and 70 euros. 

– We are happy to organize an airport-sparklingheaven-airport tour (so you can relax and enjoy, we take care of hotel, transfer, meals and programmes), but if you prefer more freedom, we will give you exactly what you need. 

– Our team is small, hence in case of a 2-5 day tour prior booking is highly advised. For a one day programme we are quite likely to help you even if it is short notice. 

– Contact us ( and we will quickly draft your tailor made sparkling tour. 


Did you know that the largest method traditional sparkling house is situated in Spain? Despite of the large quantity, the company pays attention to sustainability and quality. Visit the house with its undergroung labirynth and enjoy some glasses of cava on the fancy courtyard.


The family owned winery is one of the few houses which is a “finca”, a winery with vineyards in one place, surrounding the estate building. Torello is now a corpinnat winery with stricter rules than the cava houses. The guide will show each step of the sparkling wine making and then the tasting takes place in the romantic, ancient mansion of the family.

Cava Centre

The visitor centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia has been renewed recently. The interactive exhibition is entertaining, only 30-40 minute long and includes a glass of cava with some local delicacy. The centre also reveals why the town celebrates the insect that devastated the vineyards of Europe. (Photo by David Rocaberti)

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