Shiny crystal glasses, soft clinking, noble aromas and flavours. Bubbles are associated with luxury and high life, no wonder. Those tiny, melting bubbles are elaborate and delicious (yes, some wine experts say that even the bubbles carry flavours). The glamour of the sparkling wines is not exclusive to Champagne. Penedés, the best region for Spanish sparkling wines can boast great, historic houses and luxurious bubbles as well. 

– Please, note that the wineries below are featured to give inspiration. Your sparkling tour can include one of these, or all, or others mentioned under other sparkling tours, or any winery to your liking. 

– Winery visits are somewhere between 20 and 70 euros. 

– We are happy to organize an airport-sparklingheaven-airport tour (so you can relax and enjoy, we take care of hotel, transfer, meals and programmes), but if you prefer more freedom, we will give you exactly what you need. 

– Our team is small, hence in case of a 2-5 day tour prior booking is highly advised. For a one day programme we are quite likely to help you even if it is short notice. 

– Contact us ( and we will quickly draft your tailor made sparkling tour.


One of the most famous houses of Penedés region specialized in long aged sparkling wines. A corpinnat house now – with stricter rules than cava houses –, organic and biodynamic. The historic tour takes you three floors down in the dark cellar, then the tasting brings you back to the 21st century, to its finest flavours.

Pere Ventura

The estate boasts some of the most subtle and elegant packagings of the wine world. Certainly the nice outfit would not mean too much without outstanding quality. Pere Ventura receives high scores and reviews from renowned international wine magazines year by year. The winery visit includes a chapel-like chamber of the cellar, where no photos are allowed, so you have to go there personally to see…

Agusti Torello Mata

Kripta, the flagship sparkling wine of the winery is a piece of art itself. A unique shape, elaborate wine, manual work at every step of the process. The winery visit includes a spectacular short movie in the cellar and tasting of the sparkling wines paired with different delicacies.

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